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We accompany you in your process of digital transformation. Together we devise the best technological solutions adapted to your needs.

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About us

Eirim is much more than a software development company. Our holistic client approach means we can also improve UI designs, develop mobile apps, analyse cost/benefit of new software, and re-engineer websites.

We are a mix of technological and business minds.


Eirim is founded to offer a unique technological experience through innovative and customized software.
Our mission is to improve the interaction of our customers with their consumers through a screen. To obtain a continuous feedback in each phase of the process.


Eirim’s vision is that customized software reaches all our customers, without borders, to speed up and promote digital communication with their consumers. We offer solutions and services based on technology, innovation, quality and a unique design, being an added value for your company.
Eirim is committed to build a better-informed society in an interconnected world